Flow until departure

Flow until departure

Note: This flowchart is for Japanese people, and there are some differences in other countries.

We will explain the flow until departure and the flow of preparation after the Phuket Resort Hotel Internship is decided. Prepare well from 6 months before departure to practice at Phuket Hotel.

★ 6 months before departure ★

Decide to go to internship
Prepare your passport

★ 5 months before departure ★

Send application to agency or EIA
Send English resume and English cover letter to agency or EIA
Payment of application fee
Prepare necessary documents for Thai visa

★ 4 months before departure ★

EIA Japanese interview with Skype
Sign the terms and return to EIA (for Japanese)

★ 3 months before departure ★

Receive an EIA interview with Skype

★ 2 months before departure ★

Receive an English interview at the training hotel at Skype
Practicum decision
Payment of remaining participation fee
Documents necessary for visa application arrived by mail from Thailand
Air ticket, overseas insurance arrangement
Applying for a Thai visa (applying to a Thai embassy / consulate in Tokyo, Osaka or Nagoya)

★ 1 month before departure ★

Contact EIA with ticket details

★ Departure from Japan ★

Upon arrival at the site, EIA staff will meet you at the airport.
Local orientation by EIA staff

★ Start of training ★