Answers to frequently asked questions and questions

Question: How is the host hotel accepted?

Answer: We will make suggestions to you while listening to your wishes and considering your English, experience, duration, age, and hope.

Question: There are two programs (MTI and VTI). How are they different?

Answer: MTI, or Management Trainee Internship, is for students who have some level of English and experience. For those who have already worked at a travel agency, restaurant or hotel. The period is one year in principle, but there are 6 months depending on the hotel.
VTI, or Vocational Trainee Internship, is a program for students, especially those who are studying tourism, hotel science, hospitality, or less proficient in English. As a rule, it is 6 months.

Question: I’m not very good at English, can I participate? I have a strong desire to work at an overseas hotel.

Answer: English is not the only point in judging. Working at a hotel is a major major point, whether it is a sense of hospitality, that is, whether you are a person who can feel the satisfaction of your work and the pleasure of hospitality. Please apply with confidence.

Question: I heard that the conditions differ between hotels. How is it different?

Answer: I think it’s an important issue for you. Depending on the situation at that time, the conditions will vary depending on the hotel. Some hotels do not have accommodation available and some do not. There are rooms for 2 people, rooms for 4 people, and rooms for 6 people. In some cases, even MTI is not paid but paid.

Question: Is there a season? When can I start?

Answer; there is no season. However, Phuket’s tourist season is from November to April. This is the busiest season. It is easy to introduce if we can start in October or November as the best start time, or in December at the latest.

Question: Can I get Japanese food?

Answer: Since it is an Asian country, you can get many ingredients at supermarkets. There are also Japanese ramen shops. Above all, Thai cuisine is wide and there are surely local dishes in your taste.

Question: When should I prepare?

Answer: It can be as long as one month from departure to departure. Please think about 2 to 3 months normally.

Question: Is it okay if I don’t speak Thai?

Thai friends working at the hotel can speak English. Although they are not as fluent as native speakers, they have enough English skills to communicate. Of course, because Phuket is a Thai language, there are many useful things that you can do in Thai. There is also a Thai language school in Phuket.

Question: Should I have insurance?

Answer: Insurance is necessary. It is safe when something happens. Please apply for overseas travel accident insurance in own country before departure.

Question: Can I get a certificate of completion?

Answer: Yes. Upon expiration of your term, you will receive a certificate of completion from the hotel and EIA.

Question: How many people are in the hotel dormitory?

Answer: Basically it is a double room, but some hotels have a quadruple room. You can also rent an apartment in the city as you get used to it. At that time, the cost will be paid individually.

Question: Can I quit along the way (before my term expires)?

Answer: I think you may have to end the program for some reason (such as the circumstances of a Japanese family). Please notify your local representative at least 4 weeks in advance. However, there is no refund for expenses.

Q: Can I eat at a regular restaurant in the hotel?

Answer: As a general rule, interns have meals for staff prepared by the hotel. Two or three meals are possible. However, at some hotels, there is an upper limit where employees called Officers Credit can get a discount when they eat at a hotel restaurant with friends, or they can eat for free up to a month. This is one of the pleasures of working at a hotel. Depending on the hotel, there is a rule of 3000BHT or 4000BHT per month. Discounts may be 50% or 40% depending on the hotel. I’m looking forward to it.

Question: Is VTI unpaid?

Answer: As a general rule, there is no salary, but many hotels greet you on a paid basis. Even if you are unpaid, you will be provided with accommodation and Officers Credit. I think everyone is safe because meals are provided. Even at MIT, 6-month programs may be unpaid at some hotels.

Question; I want a 6 month program so I would like to find a room to stay on my own. How much should a budget be considered?

Answer: The budget for a two-person room is 8000THB to 12000BHT per month. Japanese yen is 30,000 yen to 40,000 yen Prices in Thailand are cheap, so you can decide where you want to stay.