Company Profile

Education Internship Australia (EIA) was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2006. The main activities are as follows.
・ Introduction of Australian universities, quality business colleges, and English schools.
・ Introduction of Australian companies and overseas hotels for overseas internship training.
Since 2018, a local liaison office has been established in Phuket and has started introducing internships for resort hotels in Asia.

Education Internship Australia (EIA) Pty Ltd
Director: Kazuhiro Araki
Phone: +61412474902

Address: Suite 4/113 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest, NSW 2086 Australia
Established: September 2006
Company Registration: ABN 63 122 817 092
Australian Company Number: ACN 122 817 092
Bank: National Australia Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank